How long to get orders?

Hi I was wondering how much time it takes to get my orders? I have placed two diff orders. **************

I don’t deal with orders, but Claire or someone else will get back to you through normal e-mail. I don’t think you really want to discuss too many or certain details of your order in a public forum. I will send a alert to Claire though, to have you double covered.

Thanks. And sorry for to much info you can remove it if you feel it should not be here

I’ll just redact some of the details, it’s not a huge deal. It’s mostly for your safety and to not give up any secrets so they can get the order to you.

macg, do you know what time it needs to get those seeds to my country

All questions related to orders and shipping can be found here:

happy growing,


hello it has been a week already and i have still not got any information regarding my order

You should keep all your questions regarding your orders private and kept in the same e-mail address you gave when you made your order. I personally have no information about orders, I’m just a growing expert.

I will try and bring your comment here to the attention of someone that might be able to help you.


Hiya, all questions regarding your order can be sent to Our support team will help you out there.