How long to get growth

I still need to get a ph tester

As soon as possible get a ph meter and a Ppm meter, and some pH up and down solution. The pH meter should be the kind to measure a liquid, not the kind that is a probe for the soil. The pH of the water or nutrient solution needs to be 6.5, and ideally the Ph of the runoff water should be in the range of 6.2 to 6.8.

The soil looks decent based on a casual peek at their website. It look heavy in food for the plant. I would not add any nutrients or fertilizers for a while.

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The run off water is the water after it go’s thru the soil?

Yes, exactly.

I am not a soil user, I use coco and water frequently, even when the plants are young, so I get runoff measurements early. But, you need to be careful in soil, from what I have seen, when the plants are young to not overwater - you may not want to go to runoff yet - especially if you have overwatered already. But when they are established in thier pot, using a drench to drought watering schedule, is frequently recommended - watering until at least 10% of what you put in comes out the bottom, and then waiting until the soil is significantly dry before watering again.

Getting that drinking water to 6.5pH for your next watering is key. I think you’ll be off to the races once that is on target.

Assuming you got some holes in the bottom to facilitate drainage, can you see any roots at the perimeter of the solo-cup. They are probably getting close to needing a transplant.

@perry2 check out my journal if you like. I’m a few weeks ahead of you so you can see how my girls progressed. I am using a similar Michigan made Super Soil. My pics will show you how mine progressed. CAUTION: I’m a nube so my journal is for informational purposes only! Any attempt to replicate my methods are taken at your own risk! Journaled methods are not approved by any gov’t. agency and therefore not recommended nor considered acceptable by aforementioned agencies. :sunglasses::sunglasses::joy::rofl: Sorry just crackin myself up… Enjoy the ride!!



Until you have access to a good PH meter keep using distilled or R/O water only. You won’t have any issues with PH by doing that. Unfortunately you can’t run your whole grow on distilled only.

I like this meter:

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Are there any meters that will give me both the ppm and ph? I just ran to the store 20 miles away to see about a ph meter but got there a half hour before they opened. I have been hearing more about ph than ppm is y I went looking for it in soil how important is the ppm?

Having a ppm meter allows you to assess your water and how much stuff in it, it also allows you to understand how adding nutrients to that water raises the ppms.

Like watching what goes in is important, watching what comes out is important too. It maybe different for soil, but in coco, I try not to let the ppms go over 1500, 2000max, for my runoff - 1000 being my sweet spot. In my first grow, I had ppms in excess of 3500, 7500 in a few cases, and my plants were really messed up. You don’t necessarily see the impact in vegetative stage, but once the plant starts flowering, the impact of an unhealthy medium from a pH and ppm standpoint will really stand out in the plants leaf health.

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Well that makes sense

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Be sure to get PH up and down and some Standard Reference Solution to make sure your meter is reading accurately. Do not get a soil probe type as they are worthless unless you spend a lot of money on one. Separate TDS (ppm) meter is wise.


well that was a quick 90 dollars so what should I be setting the ph to for the little ones

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Best 90 bucks you’ll ever spend on your grow.

For that soil you want 6.5. I would check out their website though and FAQs. Some manufacturers will list a recommendation.

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I’ll have to wait till next month for the ppm meter

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I can’t seem to find the website for this meter

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That’s ok about the ppl meter. Given your soil, I don’t think you’ll be needing to add nutrients for the time being.

I meant the website for the soil, not the meter.

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Oh ok thanks I’ll look it up

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Well up date is the size of the pots ok for a while

Maybe for about one week…