How long to flush

How many and how much do I need to flush??
Also does it hurt quality to do a Hydrogen peroxide wash after I cut?

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Soil about 2 weeks of plain ph water. coco coir about a week. Hydroponics about 2-3 days. And a lot of people do a peroxide/ water rinse after cutting. @Myfriendis410 can tell you more about the wash


I’m a soil grower. I will flush solely with distilled water ~2 weeks before harvest. No wash. I will go straight to hash production and will save a little bud for friends / family who prefer bud.


Sure you don’t want to do a bud wash? This is one indoor plant…

It’s easy and cheap to do and the results are amazing.

I just monitor the runoff in soil or media and I’m happy when it hits my target: under 300 ppm with soil, 200 with coco and 100ppm with hydro. Seems to produce a nice finish and doesn’t starve the plant for too long.


@MidwestGuy I’d be interested in talking to you about some hash making, I have some bubble bags and a few drysift screens. I’d like to explore my options on consumption.


I use a 73 micron bubble bag, but I do dry ice, which imo is superior to bubble hash and I’ve used both methods (wet and dry ice.)

Start a thread and tag me. Ask away! I’d be happy to share my experiences.

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Thanks for all the great advice. I learned a lot this first go around. Ready to put it to use