How long to flower big bud before flush

So I just switched to flower. I am growing 3 big bud plants from ILGM. Using 2 dirt cheap leds (my buds usually light and airy, gonna be upgrading for next run) In a 4x4x9 tent. Using fox farms trio nutes, recharge, cal mag. Alternating nutes one water recharge the other cal mag every time. Ocean forest soil. Using reverse osmosis water. Ph 6.3-6.8 (aim for later usually) They say 9 weeks flower time on top of page and 7-9 weeks flower time further down. I know for deciding flower time its important to keep eyes on hair pistils going white to amber and trichomes need to be mostly milky white with some amber and this is usually my deciding factor as when to harvest. However I always here that the recomended flower time like the recomended nutrients is usually to make you act sooner and use more nutes so you buy more seeds/fertilizer more frequently. My basic question is has anyone grown this strain and saw added benifit of going longer in flower and if so how long before harvest did flushing comence? I know longer can give increaded sedative effects but too long and flavor is ruined/thc degrades.

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I usually take that info and toss it in the round file. The majority of people that run into harvesting do it too early as opposed to too late. I have done most of my growing from clone (seed cost not an issue), and follow the exact method you posted. Once pistils are receding I start checking trichs, then harvest at cloudy with some amber.

When do you know when to flush/how long? Would waiting till mostly cloudy to start flushing for 2 weeks be too late?

Probably not. Every plant can be a little different. Some of them will go cloudy and to amber really quickly. Others seem to take forever to go from clear. I run my grows quite a bit differently from most from that standpoint. But, if you wait til you see majority of pistils are turning to start flushing you should be in pretty good shape.

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Hey i was just looking through and seen you were growing big bud! Im growing the same strain and i got about 2-3 weeks left! Just wanted to see how yours were going i dropped a couple pics belows so you can see mine as well


More like 4 or 5 weeks… :+1::wink:
I like more amber…
I just want to sit on the couch and drool if I’m smoking… :laughing::joy::rofl::grin::smirk:

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