How long till harvest, any recommendations that could help getter a better yield

I know im not close to harvest yet, but there in full bloom at the moment and my first grow wasnt the best. I have a very budget grow room, tube t8 lights (correct light spectrum), fox farm soils with the nutrients, and a 3 gallon pot. So i dont expect alot, but i want the most i can with what i got! Thanks in advance for any recommendations and help! IMG_5127IMG_5128IMG_5131IMG_5135


@Boostedgrow, I like your trellis. Beats the heck out of string or rope.

its a shoe rack i never use that i cut up to make a nice trellis. it works great, i use little bread ties to pull the nodes further apart from each other


A shoe rack. That’s thinking out side the box. I have an old refrigerator that has a couple wire shelves. I may try to copy your idea. It’s a good one.

What strain? When did they start flowering? @Boostedgrow

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You are far from ready to harvest… :wink:
Keep the pics coming every week and we’ll give you a better idea when to harvest. … right now from those pics … I say 6 to 8 more weeks… :wink:

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Thanks for the reply, ill keep uploading a few upclose shots of the trichomes weekly, so you guys can guide me in the right directions towards harvest

Im not to sure on strain. Its bag seeds
But its been in flower for 22 days