How long til flower?

This plant has been in veg for 9-10 wks. How long should I wait to send into flower?

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I flipped mine at the 10 to 11 week mark.

What your asking is, how much yield do you want…the bigger the plant, typically the more yield.

You could flip whenever you want.

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I have some girl scout cookies extreme Autoflowers growing. Planted back on memorial day and they popped up thru the soul two days later. Planted germinated seeds. Still no sign of flowering or white pistils. Could ilgm have sent me photo seeds by mistake?

Is the bottom pic a good example of a healthy bud sight. Mine look very similar.

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I have a batch of Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflowers from Ilgm that I planted around 7 weeks ago and they are half as small as yours and in veg still.
My guess is the lack of sunlight and the fact I am growing in winter isn’t helping.

Oh well. Hope to see some progress soon.

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We are in full summer here but after checking back with ilgm they sent photo period seeds by mistake. They just sent out 20 new Autoflower seeds. I’m going to bring 4 of those indoors and flip them to flower before my grow room is too small to accept them. The other three I’m going to leave out in my greenhouse and see how they turn out. Going to have to train them over more so they don’t touch the roof before they are done. They will be small trees by the end of August I’m sure.

Sadly those aren’t budding yet. Supposed to be Autoflowers but turned out I was sent photo period seeds in error. Ilgm just sent out the correct seeds. They stand by their products. These won’t flower here until sometime in Sept.

Hi, I got a late start in June planting feminized Sour Diesel seeds. Live in So Cal, growing outdoors. The tiny plants are only 3 inches tall, growing so slow and yesterday I noticed one is already getting the hairs of flowering! Nipped it out, but am not finding any thing on the site about what could be causing such a juvenile flowering. I usually plant seeds in April with a late summer harvest… Still expected more growth before flowers! Any suggestions?