How long should you veg gold leaf


Just wanna know would love to hear all opinions


As long as it takes to use up two thirds of the space available :wink:


@Nell1 I go 4 to 5 weeks, But if you need a bigger Girl you can Veg longer.


I veg for 2 months because I like and am set up for a larger plant. Harvesting Gold Leaf today.

Here she is, the second GL ready to go.


Look like you got a lot of good smoke off 1 how tall is she @Myfriendis410


I think all up the plant height is 36". I’ll get 8 oz off it.


Wow!! I am growing some gold leaf this outdoor season :hugs: cant wait beautifully done @Myfriendis410


Any special training or you just let her grow topped 1 of my girls and I’m letting the other grow too see how it grows but I’m going crazy with the clones I’m going to make


I bet it’s huge out side lol post pictures or tag me in that post when you start


This one was supercropped and my other 2 were SCROG’ED.

Technically it’s a monster cropped GL. The buds are too big to get my hand around! And I’m 6’4" and can palm a basketball.


Wow thats crazy @Myfriendis410 I tag you in a post of my gold leaf something funny going on with the fan leaves


It seems all gold leaf are monsters. I only begged mine for 6-8 weeks and wow I may get 6-8oz from it. If I vegged any longer it would overpower the other plants. Explosive growth and strong structure. The buds forming now look like BOM entries. My first gold leaf grow.


@Fever Tag me in your grow journal if you don’t mind I wanna see what it’s looking like lolololol @Myfriendis410 makes me wanna just smoke my phone when I look at his lolololol some of the guys on here got it going on man I hope mines look as beautiful


It took me a year to get to this point. If I can do it, so can you!


I had this one in veg for 10 weeks. It’s on a roughly 2x4 screen:


That looks like my other Gold Leaf! Wildly different phenotype between the two. But I’m gratified by the aroma coming off of both of you GL’s. The Jack Herer isn’t producing an aroma to speak of. Hopefully after cure it will improve.