How long should I wait?

My girls are just getting to be 3 weeks old … Im using the Fox Farm soil, LSD Fem , indoor… I was told not to add the “Big Bloom” or the “Grow Big” because of the soil that I am using , just give them water … How long do I need to wait before giving them the Fox Farm nutes ???

Which FF are you using? Happy Frog may last ya thru veg and if you have Ocean Forest as a base under it it’s supposed to take you all the way thru. But your plants will tell you if they are hungry

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I find ocean forest to be rich enough to take most plants into about 2 months without much else. They usually need a little help before flowering though.

If you watch your ppms, you’ll see them drop, then It’s time to feed.

Once you start adding fox farms nutes be sure to follow their flush schedule.


I have a copy of their schedule , Thanks guys … Yep

I use the FFOF and FFtreo. Didn’t feed FF till just before flip. The soil did fine during veg. But you need to make changes in feeding as they go to flower. The Neuts will take care of that at that stage. Just start at 1/4 strength and slowly increase dosage over time (watching carefully the plants responce). And as mentioned use pH water in between feedings (very important ). That’s the info I gleamed here and it has been very effective so far (2 weeks or so from harvest). BTW post some picts of plants so we can help more.

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The oldest is 31 days … I moved them to 1 gal. pots 6 days ago


They should be in larger pots 5gal at least (just saying) they will get rootbound fairly quickly in 1gal pots. They do look very healthy and happy right now though.

This is another budget grow , lol , I have some 5 gal. buckets that were chopped to like 3.5 - 4 gal. I had to borrow and beg just for the seeds , proper hps / mh lighting and the bag of soil … I just learned about the different soils and alot have told me they use 3 diff. FF soils for the stages … Right now this is the only bag I have and will just be enough to fill the 3 buckets … I could have gone to cheaper sites to get my girls, but being my 2nd grow, I tell everyone this is the place to be if you arent a pro grower … Yep

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