How long should I wait untill giving up on a seed?

We are going to send out replacements right away, I’m sure you will have better results this time!

How long should I wait untill giving up on a seed. The website says I should soak them in water for a few days untill they begin to root. How long is the maximum amount of soak time?

I’ve seen seeds crack in a matter of hours, others take days, it all depends on the seed itself but my view is that if there’s no sign of life in 7 days then give up.

I second the 7 day rule. Though technically seeds can still germinate around 10 days, but those seeds may be close to their expiration or were not stored properly. Therefore, I would want a better starting product. Just my opinion though.

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I believe in one of the grow guides it says two weeks and the seed will have over hydrated and died. But from my experience I’ve never had anything good happen after 7 days and no tail. It’s funny this question was posted because I had 2 Gorilla Glue that actually did that to me. I tried to plant them after 7 day soak regardless and nothing happened. Good luck with your grow

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generally healthy viable seeds hatch after 3 days max. wet paper towel method…do not let it dry out. When tap root is 1/4"+ long plant with the very top of the head just showing.

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