How long should I wait on an Auto to sprout?

So I ordered quite a few auto seeds and a few different strains to see if they are worth the effort, but I have noticed some strains have took off and others have yet to break the soil surface. Is there any advice on how long I should wait before I Chuck it and get back to cloning my photo mother’s.


If germinated before placing in pot then I only wate a week or 2 depends how deep it was burried. But if it was germinated with a tap root before being placed into pot than a week if it doesn’t pop by then chances are the tap roots dead. But that’s just my opinion and I’m not good with patients. if I haven’t sprouted in a couple two or three days I carefully peel back top layer of hole and peak to see what’s going on with the seed. If I can tell it’s trying I just put a light layer back on it and wate. If nothing I usually wate another cpl days and check again and if nothing still then I start over with a new seed… last time I germinated before planting it only took 24 to 36 hrs for them to break ground


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7-10!days after potting if placed 1/2 inch below soil and tap root down

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Alright, so I do have the week. Thanks. I will update later in the week on the progress of each strain. But as of now, you can see the success rate of each. @Countryboyjvd1971


Welcome @M21OH420!! Hope they pop soon buddy!
I skiped the soak process on my beans this time just straight to dirt from seed packet 5-7 days all 8 of em were head above the dirt
So hopefully we see your lil ladies soon
Happy growing dude