How long should I leave my plant in veg

I usually end up with between 8-12 mains depending on the strain.I top every flower site that appears.

Tks Weed…

After u get ur desired number of colas and give a few days to a week recovery for any kind of training then flip. Most who mainline plants get 11 weeks or so in veg before they flip but it is all depending on the size of the area and how big u want the plant to b. Bigger equals longer veg. I have one like 3 weeks from final transpla t. Planet of the grapes gonna fill a 2x2 scrog with her soom. She is getting there a few more weeks hopefully

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Thank you Mark, I think i get it now…

I have wuite a few more weeks left to be able to fill in all dpots on the scrog. Kinda judge ur area. Stay a touch under half what u need the tree to be because it will most likely double in size in flower. Doing scrogs seems fun but by then end of the plant ur gonna be so happy its over. Alot of work goes into these to jeep all clean looming and in order lol. Its like taking care of a baby.

Thanks again Mark, I really enjoy this new hobby, so far it doesn’t seem like work.

Mainlining takes me 7-8 weeks to accomplish- to be ready for flower

This is a mainlined Purple Kush on 4/27 day 70. The frame is 11" above the top of the soil. This is before I defoliated her in prep to flip. Also before tucking taller growth under the net.

This her defoliated underside.

For comparison purposes, her she is 13 days earlier on 4/14

Also on 4/14 to show amount of LST to keep it low and flat

Keep in mind Purple Kush is 100% indica and a relatively short plant. Barney’s Farm describes its Acapulco Gold as 70% sativa and tall (meter / 40" ?)
The answer to your how long question is …it depends. 1) How short and flat you train it. It would be tough to have a long veg period in a 2x2 if you have to spread it out to keep it short. 2) Another consideration is the height of the space. Will it double in size during flower stretch or even more?
Acapulco gold is definitely on my to grow list.


Thanks Randy.

Thanks Beardless, I plan on growing 8 mains, I guess I will go 12/12 as soon as i get there. My grow room is actually 3-1/2’ x 8’ x 8’. I am only using half of it since I only have one light. Would it be possible to grow more than one plant in this area?

A lot more in a SoG. Depends on style. Im flowering 7 in a 2x4