How long should I leave my plant in veg

I am growing Acapulco Gold indoors and I plan on mainlining it.
My question is how long to leave it in veg? Thank you guys…


Mainline takes a long veg. Doesn’t it?

Like really really long

When it reaches about half the final desired height,then flipThat’s how I do it anyway.Usually 6-8 weeks

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Thank you, i didn’t know mainlining extended the time to get to harvest.

FiM’n is about the only thing besides lst they doesn’t extend harvest time when it comes to training. Even topping will slow them down a little.

The fastest way to finish a plant is to leave it alone


Thanks Weedlover1, I notice pictures i see of mainlined plants look like they are all bud, I thought you switched to 12/12 right after you had your desired number of mains?


Hey Budz, are you in favor of mainlining? Is it worth the wait or should I just leave it alone?

If you want to get a grow under your belt, I’d wait. If you want to go ahead and try your artistic skill, go for it.
Art takes time.

Is it true that mainlining increases quality and quantity?

It can, not guranteed. If done right yes. If done wrong it can kill the plant, cause herm, stunt it. It’s argued that stress events add up to less potency though. Meaning while quantity goes up, at some point quality begins to suffer

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Thanks Budz…

If anything I’d start two plants. Do minimal on one and mainline the other. Best you learn a shit ton first go. It’s s lot to keep up with first go with just regular training. Just don’t put all your eggs in one plant. I started with 3 and have 7 in flower now to hopefully reach my target yields. The one I was sure wouldn’t make it is 6 cola large, dwarfing the rest.


I top everything twice, at the 5 or 6th node and again about 5 or 6 weeks the flip at 8 weeks. Plants get around 4-5 feet tall and yield around 10 to 13 oz.

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Sounds like good advice, thanks again.

If I understand you, would that create 4 mains? And do you flip it to flower 8 weeks after the last topping? Thanks

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8-10. Depending on nodes

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And can flip once plant recovers from last topping

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Thanks again Budz…