How long is the flowering process


When to harvest

I highly recommend taking a moment to check out the free grow bible.

Good luck bud.


tricomes are milky amber 9 too 11 weeks to flower according to the strain

I would read the topics that @Aquaponic_Dumme posted. He really knows what he’s talking about! :v:


Thanks Dumme! :smiley:

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Thanks for your help it’s been about 8 weeks now since the first flower

That’s a beautiful bud. What strain?

I don’t. Know I thank out of a blue berry bag I didn’t. Keep Journal started with 6 between mites and going male the only one I have left flowering six to eight weeks she tell when it will be ready for some pics if anyone can help me

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Buds are purple and others are green like it’s two different plants


I started hurting about February with five more in between the spider mites and happen to be in jail for 2 months they’ve all done but this one good out in June and done flowering made a mistake of typing it then it shut up another for food and started flowering again started in about the 1st of August middle of July first-time grower if anyone can help me greatly appreciate it and let me know when it is ready read the Bible didn’t understand it

The hairs are still really long which tells me you still have a while to go. You’ll get there and we will try to help as much as we can.

why is my buds turning brown and black and losing the hair and smell is it spider mites

Your pictures didn’t load, not sure what is going on. Sounds like bud rot, I’d love to see some pictures though if possible :v:

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How can you stop Bud rot please help or I’ll have to pull my plant

The only thing I know for sure is you have to remove the infected buds. Cut those buds out ASAP and don’t let them touch the plant. Seal the open wounds with tape and get some more fans on her. Then just watch and pray

Thanks for the advice but it had took over too much so I went ahead and cut my losses but I’m trying to figure out the best way to cure and drive my plants if you need by I can help please cuz I went ahead and called roots and all few minutes ago thanks for letting me know I’ll let it go too far I know next time so if anyone has a good way of curing it please help

I need the best way of curing please and drying