How long is the flower stage

Im new to growing and unfortunately my camera on my phone has broke so i cant take pictures but i have 4 White Widow’s that are 5 week’s old and are budding …my question is …Do i have only 3 weeks left cause it’s a 8 week flower or 8 weeks of plant life…lol…confused


That 8 weeks is time in flower stage, and also not a hard and fast rule. You will need to check trichromes for harvest time.

Good luck!


Sounds like you’re growing autos. (Yes?) If so, don’t put too much faith in the claims you see from seed banks and breeders that your auto will go from seed to harvest in 8 weeks. Most seem to be closer to 10-12 weeks from sprouting. Some take longer. It varies by strain and breeder/seed bank. My first auto took 12 weeks from breaking soil.


Yes it is a. Auto…like I said she is 5 weeks old.solike do i have 3weeks left per say or 7 more of flower and it is from ILGM

7 more weeks of flower is probably close. Start scoping trichs when more than half of your pistils start to change color/shrivel. Checking early and regularly will give you a better idea of how long you have left.

Thanks for clearing that up for me…another question if you don’t mind…today I started using Maxi Bloom…do you know anything about it and is this all i need

I’m not familiar with MaxiBloom. From their website it looks like it’s supposed to cover everything during bloom, but there again ad copy is ad copy…

Thanks again I really appreciate your support…hope to have a new phone soon and will share my bud porn with you…lol…thanks


Thanks :pray:

I love bud porn. :grin::+1: You’re very welcome. I know I wasn’t a lot of help, but I don’t mind helping when I feel comfortable with my knowledge of something.