How long is the complete growing cycle White Widow autoflower

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I want to purchase White Widow autoflower 20 pack! How long is the complete growing cycle and how long can you keep the excess seeds and best way to store them?

The grow cycle depends on you, “the book” may say that the cycle is 75-80 days but the reality is you’ll normally add 2 weeks to that. There are so many variables it is impossible to say what the actual seed to harvest time of any specific grow is.

Storage? Cool, dark, dry place and they can keep for years. Some people keep seeds in the fridge, others just store in a cool, dark, dry place, and ideally in both cases in an opaque container with some of these desiccant packs to ensure moisture levels are reduced to as low a level as possible to prevent mould, especially if storing in the fridge.

Some others swear by freezing seeds, but that’s not a good one in my view as the act of freezing can rupture the cells inside the seed and render it useless.

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