How long from seed planting to harvest with N.L. auto?


I’m about to germinate some OG kush and Northern light seeds, auto’s, in Kindsoil, led lights. I’ve never grown autos before ( this is my 2nd grow ever) and have no idea what to expect. ??


Typically, an auto takes around three months to finish, but many plants are not typical, so it can take a bit longer.


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I think we spoke on another thread about your Kind Soil grow. Are you going to use 3 lbs of soil in your pots like the website recommends?


What to expect with autos?
Typically they are sensitive to nutrients in the early stages of life so be easy, they do not like to be stressed to much so it’s recommended that you put in forever home asap so you don’t cause to mych transplant shock. They say do not top or fim (many do with good results, it’s all about timing) many take 2 to 3 weeks longer than they say in description. Even though the light schedule don’t matter with autos they still like sleep and still do a majority of growing during lights out. As soon as you see pistols start bloom nuts


If you have any more questions just tag me and I would be glad to help


Yes. That’s what I’m planning on doing @SilentHippie. I want to do it as exactly as you are.


I know there’ll be many more questions @Sirsmokes!


@SilentHippie, is there a ball park figure as to how many ounces I’ll get per plant? I have northern light autos and og kush auto seeds just planted yesterday.


Unfortunately, I’ve only grown photos and have no experience with autos. I’ve heard that autos finish faster and yield less but I’ve also seen folks on here grow some monster autos! Hopefully some “auto” growers can chime in about what you might expect. I’m hoping for 1/4 lb. per plant in my Kind soil grow but I’m growing photos.


Well I appreciate you answering me…:slightly_smiling_face: