How long does the tail have to be after it has popped from its shell in the water

Hi i am interested in knowing how long you wait after first sign of the tail emerging from the seed when its started in a glass of water.
Is it the moment its seen or as ive seen in robert Bergman information there are photos and description of the tail being 3 -5 mm long (not sure what that is in inches.)
When i used this method for the first time i transferred them to seed to raising mix when the white tail first broke through.
Thinking its been under water long enough and if i did my germination strait into seed raising mix they wouldn’t be under water at all.
Starting the seed strait into seed raising mix in my limited experience in the past is how i have done it.
Starting them in water is new to me.
Any help would be great to have this clarified.

5mm is less than 1/4. Cracked is good enough, imo you don’t want them very long.


Thank you.

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If your using some type of knf or priming solution then yes add your sprouts there. If it’s just plain water… why?

Put those sprouts into something to grow

Yes this is my gut feeling.

Just had some doubts as i seen pictures of Robert Bergman displaying popped seeds with long tails.

I have also only ever started seeds starting them in seed raising mix.

So i had some doubts as to when to exactly transfer them to soil from the water soaking method.

I infact tranfered mine just as they showed a white tail.

I sometimes thought i could see a tail but in fact it wasn’t.

Just hopeful while waiting for them to pop.


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So there’s a few theories here;

Hydro priming seeds - exactly what your doing

Nutrient priming- using a mild nutrient rich solution to do the same as hydro

Paper towel method- use a damp paper towel and place seeds inside and then tuck that into a ziplock and store away. Can also use hydro priming beforehand for a few hours to day

Sow in soil and let them do their thing

Sweet thanks. In the zip lock bag sounds interesting.

Do you have to have it filled with air to keep it up off the seeds between the paper.


By the way im in new zealand 2 months from harvest.

Been a crazy summer

Lots wind hot dry which is good.

We now getting morning dew 2 months early.

Have to watch out for bud rot if not careful.

I grow out doors.

We off grid just solar powered.

Thanks for your support for a budding grower.

I suck all the air out

I always plant as soon as the tap root sticks out. Never had a problem