How long do you flower white widow

How long to you flower white widow in a tent with a dwc system

Pretty much the same as long as you would in any indoor system. Flowering time is not really changed by the type of grow, hydro vs, soil, etc. It can be manipulated with the light period, but in general the flowering time is mostly going to be the same. The data is found on the seed shop page for the specific strains, a tab called “details”.

My White Widow this time took 13 weeks too finish. The one before that 10 and the one before that 9 1/2 weeks and the first two before though we’re around 9 1/2 to 10 weeks.
I have been growing WW for some time and about to start the 6th generation of WW. Hope this helps and if any time you need any with your WW don’t hesitate to drop me a shout.

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Will were these all Fem? I am leaving town and must harvest by 11 weeks at the latest. ILGM says Average (60 days) which is 8.5 weeks so I felt safe about it and now I am sweating it. I am in coco with fem WW 11 weeks is 2.5 weeks past their average estimate. Looking at your experiences 9.5 to 10 seems to be the prevailing average.

got ww auto been 13 weeks and still no amber triclomes will wait another week and cut down and start over with different seeds

MacGyverStoner of ILGM said " It can be manipulated with the light period" I would like that statement to be expanded upon as to what this means in this context.

Not enough light. I had the same problem when I was using an 800 hps for 9 white widow plants… Sure enough when I added another 400, they started booming. …

Seems to me if you were to do the opposite of what this guy did. It would slow down your flowering down to where you can feel comfortable. What ever size bulb your using now if its a dimming light turn itdown slowly oh lets say every two days until your at say 50% of what you were using.
But please ! P. M MacG and check with him on this. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to lights.
But you never know until you ask


Hi @puffer1958,

We’ve discussed the detail of manipulating the plants to maybe flower and finish in a slightly shorter amount of time in a few other threads, maybe shortening a average 9 week flowering period to maybe only 8 weeks. This is done by shortening the daily light cycle, so less than 12 hours of light per 24 hour cycle, but no less than about 10 hours. Some people run 11/13 the entire flower period and others gradually reduce the light duration week by week so the final week is as short as 9.5 hours.

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Thanks MacGyverStoner!! I really appreciate the rapid response and excellent information. Goeiedag mijnheer.


Did you get amber trichs? I’m 12 1/2 weeks and they’re about 65% cloudy and 35% clear , no amber. They’re very healthy looking buds and the plant is still green, no yellowing. There are almost no white hairs left, and the brown hairs have retreated . I’m mystified. It looks like it could go another two or three weeks . It’s a little cool in the room, about 65%, but they’re under a 400W HPS which is providing warmth, and it’s right next to a radiator. Should I be concerned that there is a problem?

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My W.W always was a late finisher. Just hang in there and let her finish.
you will be rewared.


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I would like to post pics of my white widow at 4.5 weeks of flower do I need to go another 4 or 5 before harvest

ty for the info my ww is going into its 12th week next mon. it has white hair clusters on it but none have turned redish or amber so i guess i’l just be patient


Your very welcome my friend anytime
and i’m sure you will have an awesome harvest


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Were these autoflowering? I am first timer and waiting on order to arrive

no feminized.

at least i think. mine are in week 12 and im very impatient but pistols are still white so i wait.

I’m flowering out doors and am wondering how much longer I should let it go into wk five end of Sept in the north east

Still growing ww?