How long do they take

Hi whwn looking at seeds on this site in the autoflower section. It says flowering 8 weeks on the chart. Is that 8 weeks from seed it should finish or ir that it will be in flower for 8 weeks before finished.

Eight weeks from the start of flowering.


My 8-10 ended up being 12-14. All 3 plants were on their own schedule.


From flower mate

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Hey @Chitown56. As others pointed out, that schedule is from flowering stage. Keep in mind that the time given are under perfect growing conditions. We beginners will not have perfect growing conditions.

From my time reading, seems to be more around 10-12 weeks for flowering plus around 4 weeks of veg.

Harvested my Blueberry after 12 weeks of flowering (16 total weeks). My Northern Lights are just over 13 weeks of flowering with probably one maybe two more weeks.

Basically, there are many variables and much variation in genetics.

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