How long do i let my plants veg before switching to flower



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

How long do i let my plants veg before switching to flower. Also i have a 10x10 room and it has 3 1000w hps/mh lights and 2 1500 led solar king lights. It’s this enough light or do i need more?


Most indoor growers will veg for at least 4 weeks before going into flower cycle
You can flower earlier if needed
The longer you veg the more yield you will get but keep in mind the maximum hieght for your plants
Ceiling hieght minus lights minus space between lights and canopy
I Will flower my plants when they get around 18-20 inches tall and will have plants 4-1/2 feet tall at harvest
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You need 50 watts per square foot. 10 x 10 =100 x 50 = 5000


If the lights you have are in fact King Plus, they draw about 250W each. Giving you a grand total of roughly 3,500W. That’s enough to veg, but you’ll want at least another 1,500W once you flip to 12/12.

As far as when you flip, that really depends on you. The longer you veg, the bigger the plants will be. Just keep in mind that they will likely double in size ounce flipped to 12/12. Some can even stretch 3x! :smiley:


It up to you how long u wanna do 2/3months


Those are very nice units! They draw about 800W each. You are right about where you need to be to successfully finish this crop in that space. Good luck! :grinning:


Thank you guy’s for helping out @Nate90
and @3high5you that was some great info as well from @HJL thumb



The bottom line is more light more growth maybe cut back a couple plants on the amount you wanted to grow . Your at the bottom of the light scale but they will work.