How long do I flush my dwc

I am in the flowering stage and am nearly ready to harvest. I am using a DWC set-up and wanted to know how long to flush with clear h2o. Thx

what a hot topic lol I tend to flush for a week or more but depends greatly on your ppm during last couple weeks if you are running 800 or less even 72 hour can do the trick but really just a matter of taste


When I flush my girl in Dwc system I get pH balanced 5.6 h2o and flush she goes through a little shock then half nutrients for a couple of days then after she will want to drink more so I go back to full strength and then she grows

interesting have heard of people slowly weaning plants down usually it’s half strength then simply adding straight ph’d water at top off for several days then flushing system and going to plain water for last couple of days but I guess there are multiple ways to flush. If it works for you than it’s right :wink: