How long do I cure in jars

How Long do i cure

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I cure for at least two months,the longer and slower the better. I also smoke it as soon as it’s dry enough though.It just tastes and gets better with a little age.


@Mottyo welcome to the community! i normally go from 3 weeks up… as @Weedlover1 said the longer the better!

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These guys got you covered but I will say the improvement in the weed is amazing.
I had some in the freezer a couple of months after cure and I swear it was not just tastier but more potent too.

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Guys or gals, I grew larfy buds.first grow I knew the buds wouldn’t be dense. My question is: since buds are larfy won’t they dry quicker? I don’t think they will need 7 days. On day five and seem pretty dry. Should I get them in jars?

Also, if I keep licking the sticky on my fingers while trimming am I gonna get zooted


Yes strangely the friction of your fingers partially decarb it and will zonk you. What I do is twice daily for the 1st week once daily for 3 weeks then once a week for 1 month then every month on the 15th. Truthfully though my daily use zkittle jar has the best Terp smell though so you can do it literally every day for many months if you want it super refined (though you’ll need to rehydrate with orange peel every so often) oh and larfy buds only dry faster if you hang it bud by bud


Thanks for the reply.

@Mottyo gret topic as I’m about to venture that road for first time.