How Long Do Hermies Drop Pollen

I’ve got a plant that I am ripening the flowers on that went hermie. It happened ~18 days ago. I’ve isolated the plant. It’s producing seeds and I haven’t seen a male calyx or a banana since that first week following discovery on bananas.

Is it now safe to put it back in the flowering tent with my other flowering plant?

Here are a couple pics to help you see what it is doing right now.


Honestly I wouldn’t put it back in the tent. There could be pollen on the leaves that you may not see. The she male flowers look awesome though. :+1:


Keep it separate. I’ve had a few go that way and I always separate. Not worth the grief. Buds look good though

Agreed she needs to practice social distancing like the rest of us :joy:


I recently had 2 plants from an 11 plant grow go hermie, they had true male flowers and bananas, I caught them early and used a scalpel and a shop vac to remove the offensive growth. None I saw had popped and I thought I got them all but the plants had developed male parts deep inside the buds close to stalks that could not be seen. Also after removing first male flowers the plant then produced more for at least two weeks. I did not remove plants from the tent which was a mistake. Luckily they were closest to my exaust and I am moving a lot of air so pollination was minimal. Long story short, if it happens again I will be isolating the plants for the duration. I have harvested the plants and most of the buds are seedless but I had a few of the smaller interior buds end up totally pollinated. As well as a few random seeds in the plant closest to the hermie. I hope this is helpful.

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I would also like to add that removing the male growths with the scalpel shop vac combo definitely helped reduce pollination and if you see any more unopened pollen sacs I would carefully remove them.