How long do Autoflowers take from seed?

I planted the seed about April 24th of this year. I purched them from this site as the autoflower mix pack. Each individual strain says 8 weeks to flower. But when I look up most autoflower guided say about 10-12 weeks to harvest. Based off 8 weeks to flower and 4 weeks of veg my plants should be ready around July 15th? So I have about 6 more weeks of flower? I’m finding that hard to believe since I’m already seeing milky trichomes and orange pistils. So does the flower time mean from seed? Which would mean I have about another week of flower? Here are some pictures. Blueberry is the first picture and she is looking good but 6 more weeks seems very long since I’m already having mostly cloudy trichomes? Northern lights is the second picture and she is a little bit behind and then Amneshia haze is very far behind. This was from me causing nutrient problems. Hopefully someone can explain everything a little better for me.

Looked at the trichomes with a better loop and they’re mostly clear not milky.

Depends on the strain but from what I gather, autoflowers go one week for seedling 4 weeks for vegging 7-10 days for preflower (some call it transition) then anywhere from 6-12 weeks flower time depending on strain and desired effects (cloudy vs amber trichomes) this is a loose timeline but seems to be about the standard. Fairly new grower here tho, if I’m wrong others will correct.

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Also when looking at trichomes to determine harvest, do not use the trichomes on the sugar leaves to determine harvestability. The ones on the leaves are quicker to amber then those on the buds themselves so always look at the bud

All those pictured have some growing left in them. Some more than others. The first round of orange pistils is just that, round one. They will continue to make more white as others darken. Wait for them all to turn for maximum density.
You have to be careful about flower time as advertised. Some come right out and say “from seed to harvest” others say “flower time” and still others say “time to flower”.
Had 2 plants same source, harvest was 96 days from seed for one and the other will be about 76. Advertised as being 72 days seed to harvest.

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