How long can they live

I’m in an apartment and they are coming around to do inspections next week. Any ideas?? I got 5 seedlings about a week old, 2 more about 3 weeks old, and 1 that is a month old. Would they last if I could get them in our car trunk? If so, for how long i wonder. Supposed to be 80 to 85 next week, outside temp. So 100 or better in the trunk. I’d hate to terminate.

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As seedlings they are small and odorless. You don’t have an out of the way closet ,cupboard or maybe under the sink (as long as that’s not what they are there for

Car trunk will be too hot IMO but let’s seed what the experts say

Edit oh inspection
Not sure where to stash. Get a hotel room for a night for the ladies?

Oh it’s for an inspection

I don’t know then, maybe get them a hotel room for that day

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Any place where you can fit it

Why not just put them in a box? Inspections only look for obvious damages/problems. They aren’t gonna be opening drawers and boxes… if you have a pile of boxes, storage,no one’s gonna bat an eye. Their inspections are only to ensure the upkeep of their property. Not to investigate yours.


I go thru that too, I take a black plastic garbage bag wrap pot and all and stuff I a closet looks like a piece of something in storage. I had one girl in a kitchen cabinet, one in storage shelve laying on her side. I kept them in there in bags for almost 20 hours. And I wanted to say I was scared sh…less as we did our walk thru… that’s completely crazy I know

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Plastic bag keeps all smell sealed in too.

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100+ degrees sounds like a lot of stress but I guess if you know what time and roughly how long, 30 min or an hour or so might be fine

They do ok in Afghanistan and it’s hot as heck there

Exactly. I can’t risk getting my girlfriend in trouble since it’s in her name, plus both of us on the street. They smell strong as hell. They’re are 7 of them in 5 gal fabric pots filled. Damn i didn’t think they would do inspection for a while but that’s y I’m trying auto’s.

What will you do when they are 3feet tall And have the whole apartment wreaking

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Sadly I don’t know exactly when either. They’ve been known to stretch it out 2 and 3 days doing them. I’m gonna unhook the duct going to the window and put tomatoes or something in the grow tent. Thanks for the ideas guys. I’m still thinking on it, I’ve got thro the whole weekend to decide something.

You need a storage unit right about now


Get an inexpensive RV. Worked for Walter White.

A friends place would work too.


Yeah 7, 5 gal bags hard to hide man I wish you all the luck in the world. I grow in a closet I can’t alter so no filter, and it smells pretty bad, I got through a lot of fabreze!!!

“Why does your place smell like weed and febreeze?” lol


New fabreez scent
Sativa Breeze


Hey quick question. When you can see the sex of your plant… does that mean it’s about to bud? It’s showing the female parts u know
Also they are skittles autos

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Ahhh did you not know they would do inspections? If so why have you not prepared instead of wasting your time?

Some of us should really rethink things.


I assume you are talking about the 3 and 4 week olds, and yes most people see female calyx with the two white hairs about this time on autos. In my experience mine usually start flowering by week 4. Hope this helps

Not ready to bud just showing pre flowers at this point… cars to hot, got a local forum friend that can hang on to them? The pot size is really the hardest part and that you have 7. Are all the apartments getting inspected or just yours? Hey 9B hold these for the day? Has to be a friend though.