How Long can seeds be stored?

I’ve got some seeds that are about 15 months old and have been stored in a dark, room temperature area. The seeds will sprout and sometimes appear above the planting of the Jiffy Pellet Pete moss seedling kit. but do not grow beyond this point…it’s been going on for about 3-4 months now. Have the seeds gone bad? I sprout them in a damp paper towel and don’t have any problems…it’s after they are planted that not much is happening.

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Welcome to the community. Seeds are funny. You never know if they will sprout as the years pile on its age.

I now put mine in the fridge. On the top shelf. Lost way to many seeds when our house temps hit past 90 degrees last year. So starting from scratch.

I am still trying to get them to pop.

I sprout my seed the same method and never have a problem
I have however experienced a few just not wanting to grow after they break the soil as you say …I just think the seeds are weak when this happens.
I just had 3 sprout and one of them broke the soil in less than 6 hours after planting and the other two croaked before they had a chance …
I just keep trying