How long can seeds be kept?

Seeds are on sale right now, how long can seeds be kept?

I’ve heard years in the fridge. What were you thinking about getting? I was back and forth on ww auto and ss haze. Went haze buy 5 get five

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I heard that if kept in a cool dark place they could last for years…

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Auto White Widow is buy 5 and get 5 free for $55.00 These are good for migraine but I wouldn’t want to plant all of them. Would need to save some for year after.

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You can keep them for years if kept in a dry cool place

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Keep them in a dark air tight container at 50° to 60° they will last a very long time. I have seed from 15 years ago that I know will sprout.

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I covered them then ziploc and put in fridge. Is freezer better or worse? Got ten coming and prob take me awhile to grow those.

Don’t put them in the freezer if they happen to have any moisture at all in them they could swell and Crack making them useless. I have mine stored in small zip lock bags rolled up and placed into old pil bottles then I put in a brown paper bag just to keep light out when I get in the fridge and placed them in one of my bottom drawers of my fridge… now if your keeping pollen from males it will last longer in the freezer I have kept pollen for over a year and still be good.


Thanks everyone for the input, I ordered the buy 5, get 5 free.

Which one? Autos or photos?

cool, why not plant 5 now, and in a few months, take some clones… and repeat that type of cycle…

save some of your seeds for the apocalypse

I have to wait a couple of months before starting them indoors, then transferring outdoors in spring. Any idea how many weeks under grow lights for white widow before big enough to plant outside? I’m just not sure when to start them.

Feeezing, storing in a freezer is supposedly the way to go, they do this in the arctic with the world seed bank for in case of world disaster or such. As for seeds swelling from freezing if moist, or too moist and ruining, jeese I guess I am learning something all the time, I mean, I put some older seeds I have had for almost two years, and another set of one and a half year old left over seeds in the freezer, I suppose I am safe on that I guess considering I only really heard that freezing is the way to go recently. I just received my order of some other seeds, they were out in the mail box for the last day or maybe for many days,…its has been snowing and freezing at night.

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Thanks, good to know.

I was reading in a blog somewhere and a guy had bought some seeds and he was not happy with the way they looked, so he said he got out a bag of seeds he had for 15 years and pulled two beautiful seeds from it to germinate along with the new ones. I at the time was also searching for how long I could hang onto my seeds and this made me feel a lot better so if I have 10 seeds and I only use 2 to 4 at a time I will be OK for when I finally do want to use them. A cool dry place for common senses sake though.

Thanks everyone!