How long can I Veg?


Hi guys, check out these pics below : Outdoor Balcony Grow - approx 8/9 weeks of veg (started them in mid Spring, now going into 2/3 months of summer in SA, LST on all plants (keep them outa sight) all showing white pistols on all bud sites

My concern is that perhaps i should be switching to Bloom nutes, but i’m gonna be away for 9 days in early Jan and don’t wanna leave them unattended while in Flower stage - 1. Can i continue with Veg nutes and leave them in Veg for another 3/4 weeks, then switch to Bloom nutes when i return? 2. As mentioned earlier, we’re in full Summer now, will my girls go into flower (white pistols all over the tops & gettin lower)?. 3. will i need to move them out of full sun to trigger/assist in full flower stage? - please advise guys, worried, 1st time grower :slight_smile:


Oh, forgot to mention, i have a Lady Bug that spends like 3/4 days on each plant, before i move her over to the next plant, this is good right?, Lady Bugs are cleaners right? :grinning:


@Terminator if they are outdoors, they will start to bloom when they get consecutive 12 hour dark periods


If you have bud sites with pistils they’re already in flowering stage. You can and probably should be feeding on flowering portion of your nutrient schedule.

Edit… I suppose you could be seeing preflowers, so that may not be entirely true.


Yes, ladybugs are very good. They eat aphids. I think you will have a problem when the plant doubles in height during flowering!

If you want to force flowering, you need to cover it completely 12 hours a day. It needs total darkness. Just moving it to shade is not enough. But you can leave it out and the seasonal photoperiod will do it.


If your in full summer and won’t be gone but for 9 days your good,just keep veg nutes.
The white pistols are only indicating that she’s sexualy mature. She won’t start to flower till your daylight hours start getting shorter
Hope that helps


many thanks guys, awesome feedback, gonna keep on with veg nutes (hopefully rain will assist while i’m away) - now this gives me another concern, are my plants still gonna grow bigger in veg with still ±14hrs of sunlight, they’re in final pots, don’t plan to go bigger - how is this gonna work out?


perhaps i should begin to force flower in 3-4 weeks when return?


Well friend that’s up to you.
If height is an issue because of neighbors then you can always use Supercropping and Lst to keep her lower
Once you cover her to force flower you will have to continue with a 12 hour night cycle, without interruptions, and no light leaks or she could hermie and go to seeds, lowering potency


Those plants are going to out grow your balcony…
Hopefully your somewhere legal or have neighbors that don’t care… :wink:
If not , you might want to start thinking about an indoor location that you can finish those plants out in… :wink:
:v: :sunglasses:


hey guys, had a major storm (heavy winds, hail stones *3 spells, every 20 mins) - my plants have taken some damage, some buds look a little messed up !

this happened 3 days ago, i was hoping to see improvement, fed them Kelpak when soil dried out, & nutes this morning - what should i do?, wait a little longer or just cut off the abnormal lookin buds? - please help, thx