How Long Can I Store Trimmings?


Hey all, I’m planning to make hash, but I don’t really have much for trimmings from my first grow and I’m not sure it’s worth the effort to try making hash. My next grow should be ready in about 9-10 weeks. Is it alright to wait? I’ve got the trimmings from the first grow in zip lock bags in the freezer.


You should be fine storing it that way. I did the same thing on my first grow and everything was fine.
Good Luck :grinning:


Awesome! As always, the help is very much appreciated. Thank you, sir! :smiley:


I have never made hash so I don’t know if drying them would be better or not.
Do you usually make hash with wet trim?


I dry my plants before I trim them. I use the dry ice method with a 170 micron mesh bag. I’ve never tried it with fresh green trim, but am told it will work just as well. Make sure you put the trim in the fridge for at least 24 hours before you run the dry ice.


If your doing dry ice method I find green weed is better . i THINK that everything freezes better and the trichomes snap off easier


@Rexx probably works better with more water content within the leaf structure. This makes sense than with something that’s dryer.


Man as long as it in freezer it be right I’ve had trim in the freezer for months


I agree with the rest of the group your fine with it stored in freezer just watch got freezer burn
If you have a dood saver you could seal it up to ensure no freezer burn happens


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First time grower and have about 7 oz of small leaves and trim. Thanks for the advice. I put it in a vacuum seal bag and will freeze.That should prevent freezer burn since there is no air in the bag with the weed.