How long can a water and nutrient solution be kept for


I have a quick question. Am a novice.

My question is if you have 1or 2 plants and follow the nutrients guide from general hydroponics flora series.

How long can the water nutrients solution be kept for and reused? As i always have solution left in my 5 litre container (uk measurement) Its a shame to waste it after each feed. And would like to reuse it if possible. Hope you can help.


if feeding soil - nutrient should be mixed for every use - if mixed a head of time would NOT let stand for more than 24 hours. One can get down the amount of water your grow will need and then your “not used nutrients’” amounts can be added to your next feeding


Am using coco coir and perlite mix. Usually i water or feed every 3 days or when pot is looking dry. Was thinking the amount of solution i make up is for 2 maybe 3 feeds. So about a week or just over. Will my water nute mix be ok by final feed do you think.