How long before white widow auto starts ro branch out? This is 2 weeks in the pic

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Probably growing roots right now being in such big containers. Personally I go from seedling >solo cup>1 gal>3 gal>5gal. Give it time once the roots stop spreading out they will grow

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Maybe put a dome over them, they like a lot humidity when they are getting started. I had started mine out in 5 gallon buckets when they germinated, I had cut up some power ade bottles that I used as domes.

W weeks as an auto should be way bigger. Only about 2 weeks left in veg phase so wong be a real big plant but prolly get quality bud off her being so small as she will be. I wanna say my wwa were double to triple this size at 2 weeks

Thanks y’all, we’ll see what happens. I was hoping to get bigger plants, but I’ll take what I can get

IDK for sure if it’s causing your slow growth, but IMO you’re watering way too much of the pot.

At that size you want to only be watering about a cup (max). Pretend someone set a doughnut on your soil that’s what you want your wet patch of soil to look like right after you water. Dry for the first inch or so around the plant then about an inch or two of wet soil and most (at least half) of the pot remains dry.


I will cut back on water and see what happens.
Thanks for the help

I would agree with @Oheeeoh Looks like too much water for a little plant still growing roots. You want to encourage the roots to grow away from the main stem, hence the sound advice :point_up_2: to water away from the main stem in a concentric circle.

Best of luck.

Is this the way to water like a donut?
This is week 3 wwa

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Yeah looks good

Your babies are looking much better! Good job and continued success.

Thanks for the help, now one more question, should these wwa’s be topped or any other fim?

If they are autos i wouldn’t top them,you can though.

There is always lively debate whether you do that type of HST for autos. Manny growers here top and ir fim with great success. Mostly LST of autos is done by most. Although not definitive nor scientific, first grow left naturally (messed everything up one could possibly mess up just to be clear); second grow, heavy LST with great success. Might try to fim on the third grow.

Best of luck.

Ok great I will try the LST with netting
Thanks for the advice.

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