How long before they start taking off

So I have germinated 4 white widows. My question is how long should it take before I see rapid growth? All 4 germinates and currently have the 1st set of jagged leafs and some are starting the 2nd. Was curious because they are still quite small but and wanted to know if this strain takes a while to take off. They are currently under a 600 watt my light about 3’ above the plants.

You might need to pull your light up to allow them to stretch what do you think @donaldj, @latewood

3’ is about the right distance for a 600w being a seedling much closer would be too intense and you don’t want too much stretch always nice to keep nodes closer together. As for how long they take to pick up that depends on you and how well you can control their environment as much as the plants genes the better you make things for them the faster they will grow. Perfect temp humidity ph airflow these attribute more than anything to the speed seedlings grow and light of course.
But really every plant is different so don’t be in a rush you want your lady happy start to finish much like a women they don’t respond well to being rushed

I understand not to rush them. I don’t want to jeopardize there growth to be hasty. The reason I ask is because my dad also has some plants growing and they seem to be obtaining there leaf sets faster but they are also a different strain so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it. I’m a worrier and feel there is something I should be doing and have been doing a lot of research but it is overwhelming the info you find.

We actually started them on t5 bulbs but we transplanted to 5 gallon buckets to allow the roots room to grow and switched to the MH light to ensure all the plants would get ample light coverage. We are growing in a 48"x48" tent. I have a carbon filter hooked up circulating the air but currently I don’t have room for a regular fan due to the lack of space and the amount of plants that are in there. I do however feel good airflow with just the carbon filter and exhaust fan (440 CMU ?) the temperate during the day is around 78f and at not drops down to around 74f.

I actually just read one of Roberts articles on transplanting to a large bucket with small plants and the tendency to over water so I’m trying to maintain that and am going to let them dry out a few days before I water again. I bought a moisture meter to check but not sure how reliable it is. We have not yet given them any nutrients as I was afraid of starting to early. We did however add a bagged chicken poop mixture to our soil to give it a little nutrients hoping that doesn’t have a negative effect.

Anyway sorry for the long winded reply and thank you for the info. Any additional info is greatly appreciated.

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Boy that light isn’t for seedlings I can tell you that stright up.
I would go to a 300 watt 60 watts used with 2700 lumens florescent light you can get them at either or fair inexpensive like maybe $30. Bucks

You keep them on that and you’ll cook them babies
Also chicken poop is great but not now…way to hot for seedlings. They have there own food supply untill there 4th or 5th set of leaves.


It actually doesn’t get to hot in the grow room it is a air cooled hood and I have a exhaust fan running through it I can actually touch the glass on the hood without burning my hand.

As far as the chicken poop I Only added a little bit to the soil mix so there isn’t a lot per soil.

I just got home and checked in them and they actually grew quite a bit today so I’m going to wait it out and see what happens.

Thank you for you Input any help is greatly appreciated since this is my first grow so if something goes wrong I know some things that it can be (such as adding shocked poop and using a light that is too intense for this stage)

Thanks again!

Best thing to do is to not continually adding different nutrients, and compost, with the idea you will hasten growth. This will kill your plants or cause issues