How long before they are ready


Northern Lights Fem. Indoor, 600w HPS, I am curious on how long before I can actually have smoke from these. They are a bit over 2 months old and I kept them in the veg state for a bit longer to let the stalks get a bit bigger. I changed them over about 2 weeks ago to 12/12. Right now they are a bit over 3’ tall. Just curious about a ballpark figure, not rushing them and after drying when they should be ready.


Twelve weeks after a slow dry and nice cure. Give or take. Should have a nice and potent yield. Great strain.


Ilgm lists northern lights fem at 7-9 weeks of flowering. Looks like you’re a week in. So 6 more weeks min, ( I’d guess closer to 9) for flowering. A week of hang drying, then 2+ weeks curing. Of course you can sample while it’s hanging if you can’t wait. :grin:


Great estimate.


Ha, pretty much 12 weeks. :+1:


Exactly! Can’t rush perfection.