How long before their ready to harvest?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I am growing OG KUSH hydroponically in a box from DEALZER. Iv’e had setbacks like over watering, inconsistent hours off, and on. I got on the right track, and
they have been good so far but very slow. I included some pictures for you to see. I feed them the the stuff that came with the box. Veg. growth, and Reproductive growth, and Bulk liquids to a gallon of distilled water keeping 1/2" below net pots. how long before their ready to harvest? It’s been a long time now I started them in Feb. 1. Any feedback would be great. Please advise.

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I’d say like 5-6 weeks. Or more. Looks like it just barely stopped stretching. Depending on if it’s a sativa or indica could shorten or increase the time.

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Ok…have you switch to 12/12 Lights on 12 hour’s and off 12 hour’s…
and it depends on what strain your growing each has a different harvest time. But mostly 8 - 12 weeks start to finish
Hope this helps and if you could next time you take pic’s try to use natural light…thanks