How long before the seedlings surface?, was an inch too much?

A regular size drinking cup right at the stem every other the day or so , you don’t have to completely water the whole pot , just around the stem of the seedling a full cup would be good . As for humidity , you can get a humidifier from Walmart in the medicine section made by Vicks , cheap and affective to help put moisture in the grow space .

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Kane all good seems you are doing your do dilligence knowing your strain even being inventive both bear and yoshi have excellent suggestions .

Thanks much “Yoshi” and “Bear” and all of you for all your insights and knowledge,…I tried the lite watering around the stalk and the soda bottle domes ( I had already made those before the beginning of this planting …God knows with all the researching and videos I watched one would think it’s going to be a breeze…but with so many factors it can be pretty contradictory and confusing at times…lol ) ,…I think with the addition of the LED lighting, (Ill than be using my CFL’s for side illumination ) and an exhaust fan along with a intake fan and an oscillating fan for air movement …than I’ll have a better balance ( knock on wood…lol ) , But the bottom line is experience and a lot of the wonderful people on this site who are taking their time to help out us beginners. I’m sure I’ll have more issues and ask you all for your wisdom and advice as my grow continues , But for now please accept my gratitude and thanks…PEACE

Kane each one of us started right where you are now . Your lighting is your primary focus . If you have a good intense light , are a combination of lights , you will get results . But a 6 inch duct fan , with a 190 cfm inline fan , you will have more consistency in humidity and temperature in your grow space . Cheap dollar for dollar , HID is a good start , if not , CFL’s will work just fine . But like Laewood told me , you cannot expect a quality grow , buying cheap accessories , but we all have to crawl before we walk . Now I have 2 Led lights , one came with the set-up that has no label of brand , and a $580 Advance XTE 350 which is a really good light , but now I’ve come to learn about an Apache Tech AT 600 , they also have a Spectrum King , Solar Flare , and a Kind , Black dog , and a few others to name . But again it’s what you can afford . Latewood told me , you cannot expect $20 a gram , if you don’t spend what’s required to get a good quality grow . So with that being said , it’s levels to this , and it’s your choice . Me personally , I don’t have no big set-up , but yet I want to maximize with what I do have , and with less maintence . I applaud those who have veg rooms , and flower rooms , because that’s a lot of work . But if I can grow 16 ounces in a 2x2x5 scrog screen tent , and some only can get maybe on average 2-4 ounces in a 4x4 x7 than clearly it’s a win for me . But to get great quality , and enough wieght , it’s gone dabble in your pockets ah little , unless you gorilla grow outside . I’ve gotten on average 6 ounces so far , but I know I can increased that using better methods . So a small space , with a good line of nutrients , and strong intended light , you can really get phenomenal results .


The Seedling Stage if marijuana growth is 1-2 weeks then come Vegation stage (1-3 mo’s / pre-flower stage(1-2 weeks) then flower stage 1-3 mo’s (60 days is good) (depends on strain some 100% sativa’s take 16 weeks of flower)

Kane this a humidifier you can purchased that will help with humidity .

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hank you Yoshi after researching “Humidifiers” I discovered the there were "Cool mist " humidifiers , I always thought of the steam type ( like the ones I used years ago, so I’m picking one up , it will lower the heat and add the humidity that I’m in desperate need of ( this morning the humidity was only 22%! ) for my “Girls”, Again I’ve got so much more to learn ( Trial and error…lol ) but hopefully not too much error…lol!, Also here’s a couple of pictures of the “Girls”, And at this stage how much water and what kind of schedule would you suggest for not over watering?, I almost lost one of them because in a panic I watered when I saw the temperature reach almost 100 degrees!..Fortunately I’ve stabilized the temp at about 80 degrees now, So any and all help from all of you would be most appreciated…Again thank you all for you advice and help…Peace

As I stated before , one full cup just around the stem would be sufficient right now in my opinion , and you can still mist ph water as well , now that you have foliage , you can mist underneath the leaves where the stomata breaths . When you give a cup , don’t mist , and after they go to sleep and wake up , mist when you don’t water . During this process you want to estimate how long it takes the one cup of water to dry . It might be each day , or every other day if you having high temps . Be very careful with heat over 95 degrees , you don’t want them to dry out at that high of temp , if caught in time they can recover , but it will stress the hell out them , so continue methods as explained , and keep a watchful eye on them .

You have 2 nodes as of now , and in about 2-3 weeks you should 4-5 nodes , and than you can give a quarter strength of nutrients measured at about 2.5 ml to a half gallon , if you plan on doing any training or topping , this will be the perfect time to create more colas by topping the plant , if not you can just continue with the half gallon and let them fill out . Once the plant reach about 12 inches or so is a good time to adjust your lights to the canopy , and start wetting the full soil medium completely . I used a cheap calendar to write a journal of each detail of what I’ve done through out the whole grow cycle , so when you finish and go into your next grow , you can tweek a few decisions and try new methods to add to your growing experience , and if something goes wrong you can back track to what was done that might cause the problem , which helps majorly on identifying most defiencies .

Thank you Yoshi the humidifier is working…a very tiny bit but at least it’s working and no matter what i do I still can’t get the humidity up past 40%…as far as my water routine…I’m still just keeping it very lite…the temps are still about 80 to 85 degrees ( I still want them to be lower , So I’m still working on that) but I think the humidity may be so low because I haven’t watered the entire pots since right before planting…heres some recent pictures of the plants and what are your feelings on upping the water in the soil…again thanks to all of you and …Peace

You are definitely on the right track , but for the watering , you now can go up to a half gallon each plant , and do only a 2.5 ml of veg nutrients to a gallon and split the gallon in half to each plant , and watched to see the response . Keep the the same schedule with watering . Now don’t get to anxious , because they are thriving greatly . Far as humidity , the cooler the air , the more higher of the water elements are in the air , the hotter the less water in the air . Also this will be a good time to start CO2 if you considering using carbon monoxide , which will also help them majorly in growth and production . I hope you keeping a written journal in a calendar and keeping notes of what’s being done throughout the process of the grow . But I’ve noticed in my own grow , my humidity has been running higher when lights are off , which now I’ll put a timer on my 6 inch duct fan that bringing the cooler fresh air , so when lights goes off , the fan will go off to , and when lights come on , the fan will kick back on as well . I do have a small dehumidifier I used , but being the weather is changing into winter , I will need to control the air with a timer , but in the spring growing season , I didn’t have that problem , I just let both fans run and everything was in its right range . But each grow man is a learning process , I have yet to get the same results exactly in a grow , each one has its on characteristics seriously . But you are learning these things as you go through it . That’s why a written diary is good to keep . Trust me I write down every detail in each grow , and I do that with every grow , which has help me yield more each time by tweeking little things from one grow to the next . The most I’ve yielded was 6 ounces between 2 plants , and I’m expecting at lest 8 ounces from this auto from the little changes I’ve made from soil , lights , watering , feeding , and trying different little things that won’t hurt or stress them , but the biggest challenge is to keep the plant growing with no defiencies , and making the transformation from veg to flower in gradual steps to not stress the plant also , and if you can do that , you will get the best yield each time .

Hi Yoshi, I installed a propane burning 4-burner CO2 generator and notice no difference in humidity control. I even feel heating the air dries the air a bit. I ran up to 1800 ppm CO2 during installation and operation qualifications. With an added humidifier and totes of clay pellets and water maintaining 60% humidity is tough. 40%-50% is typical without hand misting. just an observation after more than a year in service.

Right , but in the summer months I had no problem with humidity being the right range for veg or flower , now my humidity is running high when lights are off and fans are both running , but I did just changed my CO2 which can be causing the spike from 39%-42% when lights on , to 56%-58% when lights off . Hmmm I guess I need to get to reading on how to manage relative humidity in small grow spaces with lights off .

Hi everyone hope you’re all having great holidays…Now for my plea of HELP!, I’ve been following your advice Yoshi ( well as the delivery and of said items arrive that is…) Of my two young ladies the one I’m most concerned about is the “Droopy” one with the small wood post next to it , My concern is twofold , First she was the one that shot up like a rocket than from my perspective stopped and is drooping ( still growing but very slowly ) and at first I thought I’d overwatered her so I cut back no change than I checked the soil and it was dry as a bone ( I know my bad ) now compared to her sister ( and I thought she’d be the one I’d have to worry about…lol? ) anyway the temperature has be pretty stable at around 80 degrees +or -, the humidity I still can’t get above 30% at best… ( I’m hoping the LED light will help in the control of heat, and of course give them the “Photons” that hopefully they’ll love…? )…Oh and the girls “Pistols” are already showing not on “Droopy” as much as her sister ( I’ll try to get my son’s camera and send in next post, So I’m asking your opinion on what you think may be going on and which nute( I’ll be using “Earth Juice” trio, and since these two are auto flowering …actually what would your recommendations be on this?, I would greatly value all your views on this matter, Thank you all PEACE…also I’d like to mention the strain of these ladys is “Candy Cane”( and I thought I’d post this meme in the spirit of the holidays…lol


The first pic could be either under or over watering both will make the plant look like that. Also I would check the PH very important.
Mean time fill out the support ticket this will help a hole lot. Here’s the support ticket. You can copy and past

ILGM Support Ticket:

What is the strain and type(unknown bag seed, strain name, regular seeds, feminized seeds, auto-flower, etc)?

Indoor or Outdoor? If outdoor, planted in ground or in a container?

Size of space (max height and area, length/width)?

Soil or Hydro? Type of Medium used? System type?

pH? Of the soil or medium (root zone/reservoir/runoff) and of the water and/or nutrient mix that is fed to the plant?

Type and strength of nutrients used? NPK? EC/TDS/PPM levels? What you feed it as well as what is in the soil or medium(run-off), or reservoir.

Temperature? Day vs. night temp or highest and lowest temps? Root zone temps?

Humidity %? Day vs. night

Light system/watts/lumens/FLUX/PAR?

Ventilation system? Size? CFM? CO2? AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier?

Number “weeks/days” from into Season, Vegetative Growth or Bloom/flowering?

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. Feel free to elaborate, but try to be brief and to the point. Short and to the point questions and/or facts will help us help you 


You doing good buddy , hopefully you writing down of what everything you doing , because that information will help you through the next 200 grows , it almost like your own bible sort of speak . But I’m happy and excited that the Intel I gave you was simple and easy to follow for you to get this far , but this is just the beginning , you still have to get thru flowering , and drying , and curing , and the drying and curing is where you really get the rewards of your labor .

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You are Wright…you know what the main lining plants have just taken off past week have all doubled in size.
I’m going to post an update later tonight I didn’t do that great of a journal been very busy with the wood.
Designing new firewood processor…ordering parts now I’ll be real busy. Right now… I’m logging and cutting lumber. I will post something about that in the lounge.


garrigan62 here is the cycle growth of marijuana:

Germination stage - 1-7 days
Seedling Stage - 1-2 weeks
vegation stage 1-2 mos’ (60 days average)
Pre-flower stage - 1-2 weeks
Flower Stage 1-4 mo’s (8 weeks average) (flower times depend on strain)

This is a good rule of thumb - also if growing in soil and first grow don’t concern yourself with PH levels - concern yourself with nutrient use and lighting and use feminized seeds - a plant need 2.5 ft to grow properly and use LST method of growing - KEEP IT SIMPLE when starting your hobby Hydro is to hard for first time cultivators and expensive can all way grow Hydro when one has more experience

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PH is very important to first time growers 90% of nutrient problems can be directly related to it and feeding during a lockout only serves to increase the ph issue since most nutrients are acidic and build up in soil if not being consumed. With a properly amended soil and a less is more approach to using nutrients a begginer would have a chance however people are inherently impatient and see how fast others can go from seed to weed and think it’s all about the feed. I agree first time growers will find ph a pain to understand but if a plant can’t absorb what you give it than your screwed regardless and many companies with 3 part formulas have taken all guess work out of feeding.

If you focus on the hardest lesson first all else that follows is simple :wink:

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Thank you Donald, you took the very same words right out of my mouth.
Perfect!! I don’t know why that was aimed at me for…lol
In not a first time grower…but it is good info for new growers.

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