How long before I harvest

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Theses very pretty white widow are 8 weeks in the tent been on an 18 and 20 hrs light cycle. They are ten weeks old in total about how long before I harvest. This is my fist time growing marijuana.

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Can’t really tell from the picture. But it does? Look like it has a few weeks to go

This is a pic of the buds coming in on one of the plants


Yeah, still looks like at least 3 weeks

Awesome any advice on how to make them buds nice and big they are white widow autos been using the fertilizer they sent with them

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I’d suggest getting a jar of Monster Bloom. Now’s when you want to use it. If it ILGM fertilizer, use their boost fertilizer about now. Use it twice in two weeks then stop. Then only water with no fertilizer till it finishes.


I see lots of white pistols so yeah at least 3 weeks maybe longer
Are they autos ?

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It’ll fatten up alot before its done. Patience!

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Yes they are autos

Try reducing lights schedule a bit even tho they are autos ive noticed a longer dark period will helps I actually flower my autos on 12-12 schedule just like a photo strain

Will do cutting the time will save power bill a bit also

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What is a good temp to keep them at I read they like it a little warmer than most

I’m thinking without any other info that they have 4 or more weeks. They really need to fill in. a good amount of light is needed also to fill them out at the end.

Temps around 77 lights on 65 to 67 lights off

Looks to me like they need few good doses of pk 13/14 then the buds should swell a lot more

Well here is a pic of all of my white widow auto flower tell me what you think they are 11 weeks old in total

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Looking good buddy

Well 12 weeks along on first ever grow white widow auto tell me what you think all advice is welcome for I’m as new as it gets for growing

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