How long before Harvest?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I’ve been growing my Jack Herer autos that I got from you guys, starting the week of April 1-7. It’s been about 11 weeks, and a lot of the trichomes are still transparent. How long before Harvest?


Not long at all. If you haven’t started the flush yet, I would. And keep an eye on trichomes as they can change over night

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U r super close. Nice looking buds as well!! @HornHead gotcha covered


I’d say flush now if you flush as they look real close if not ready. Sometimes it’s hard to see the amber if they’re just starting to turn. What do you use to check the trichomes.

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Can you post some pics of the trichomes up close? That’s about the only thing that can give all of us a really good idea of when. From the look I would agree to start flushing now.
To be honest they look like you’ve started the flush already. They look yummy lol.

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If you haven’t done so already , I would pull some of those dead leaves off and keep the humidity low so you don’t get any mold developing on your buds . You need a good magnifier to view the trichomes to accurately determine your preferred harvest time . @HornHead is correct on saying the trichomes can change overnight . I checked mine and determined I had at least a week to go with just a few trichomes amber and still some white pistils . One and a half days later I harvested . It was ready. They can change fast . Btw you have some really nice buds on those . Congrats .

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He has it covered as @anon95385719 said thumb

Thanks to all who responded! I flushed the plants for a week, and I got a magnifier for my cell phone, cranked up the magnification, and saw a few amber trichomes. I prefer a cerebral high to couch lock, so wanted to harvest earlier rather than risk going too late. I harvested, trimmed all the fan and sugar leaves, and all are drying now. In my tent in the basement with two fans going, the temp is 75F and the humidity is 50%.
By mistake I cut one bud off with no way to hang it, so I vaped it with my Volcano. Pretty stoney already–I checked my “high” level with my DRUID app (in the App Store and Google Play) to compare it with already dried flower. If you are interested, you can read about it in Wired magazine if you Google “DRUID Wired”.

All the best to everyone.