How long before harbest?

I flipped to 12-12 june 8th and its july 22 now. Im thinking in another 2 ta 3 weeks tricombes are all cloudy

Still awhile to go as there are a lot of white hairs


Like @anon78295680 says a lot of white hairs, do you have a good magnifier (only way to be positive) this is where patience comes in, but it can change quickly. Does look like 2 3 weeks though.

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Got a looong time to go

At least 2 or 3 weeks if its a sativa it could be longer. Check your trichomes. It is the only way to know. I start checking once 70% of reds have shriveled up. Everyone starts checking at different times though. Nice looking plants though.

Some strains will show alot of white still though. Endoscope it up…

She looks close to me so I’ve been flushing with spring water with just a touch of look bloom

What you thinking open to suggestion kinda of don’t like the light bleaching and yellowing of leaves so close to nug