How long before flowers/buds?

I will say this. You will pull early. Sugar leaves always finish the fastest at the top. These will not be ready in a week.

I used to pull based on the Pistils being amber to brown in color and I wasted so much cash. I also didn’t get a high. I know better now. Hard lesson learned.

What you want to do is a Selective Harvest. What this means is when the top flowers is done to your preference, then pull them. Now this allows the middle of the plant to mature. Then finally the very bottom. Let
those mature and you will have a better haul overall. :+1::+1::+1:

This is key! Spend more time with them and you’ll learn the language.

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Is this how you approach all of your harvests? I’ve never done it yet but this makes sense.

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@HeyJB I just did it for the first time.

She is around 50% Amber which is also the first time doing this as well. I normally don’t want a lot of amber as I am a Sativa fan as I want a energetic high. Not a huge fan of a head high as I am doing this for medical reasons.

I only used nutrients one time. She is a serious creeper and is the best tasting marijuana I have ever smoked. I have been to Amsterdam 5 times and 3 trips to Colorado for the good stuff.

I did not training on this girl.

I will start keep doing this from here on out. :+1:

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Looking good! Get a magnifying glass. Look at your tricomes they look like little mushrooms on top of the leaves… When 20 to 30% of them turn Amber that’s when it’s time to harvest make sure to flush your soil And give them 2 days of complete darkness before harvest. When harvesting, harvest 1st thing in the morning right before your lights turn on.

Do you think this is more applicable to the ones that are not trained since they are different heights? Where as trained ones are more consistent in height? Very good looking plants there. I love the deep color of the leaves contrasting that brilliant green!

I let my plants grow as Mother Nature wants them to be. I can say from personal experience, it would make a difference. Why? The top will block light from middle down. So this is when Selective harvest makes a huge difference. Since the bottom won’t get enough light.

I don’t flush. I don’t pH. I don’t do PPM.
I grow only 12/12 start to finish. It’s how I grow due to the unique growing conditions along the South Texas coastline.

Two days darkness also does nothing. Its just a Urban Legend. Why do I say this? Do you dry your plants with the lights on? Of course not. All you are doing is adding two more days to drying.

Without light, it won’t change a thing. Just wasting time.

Plants grow how they grow. I prefer growing Redwood trees indoors.


Makes sense. And I like things that make sense. Appreciate your input here MrPeat. I have one plant that is all natural and I am going to do this with her.

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I hope it works out for you. Learning curves is how we learn. Good or bad.

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Again you do not want to look at trichomes on the sugar leaves. You want to look in the the crevices in the buds and alone those edges near the surface of the bud. The stages of trichomes are as follows. Clear = not potent pretty but bunk, As they become cloudy = potency starts goes up. When all trichomes are cloudy/white as milk = most potent. As trichomes become amber = flavor profile matures. Full amber trichomes = over done flavor profile or as some call it heavy flavor profile with the draw back as trichomes get more and more amber to brown potency drops, most times drastically. These pics are of a harvest I chopped two weeks ago. 1 ea. Bubba Kush and 3 ea. Cherry Cake. After hanging and drying 10 days or so I had a trim party. A few buddies I’ve been growing with since grade school showed up for a good time. One brought his Purpl Pro THC tester. Bubba Kush tested at 28%, Cherry Cake 26%. For kicks he tested a Colombian Gold grow I harvested a year ago at 18%. While the flavor profile has got a bit harsh and heavy because of age it’s twice as stony as the fufu hybrid Cherry Cake and still blew the Bubba Kush out. Bottom line once your trichomes all go pure milk white your risking a drop in potency for a better flavor profile as your weed cures. Step harvest was a old trick we used many many years ago to get the best of a crop out of the field on plants left to grow in a completely natural state and avoid cops. If we came back to get the lowers they had only matured a slight bit more. Bubba Kush to the left, Cherry Cake to the right. Mixed mini nugs from both and Colombian Gold hash balls for comparison. Mixed finger hash in glass and little test nug in brass.