How long before flowers/buds?

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i cannot state for fact that this is the last time i will reach out for help…but this is a picture i took this morning with my iphone on closeup. can anyone tell from this what my timeline might be. i’m thinking i see “amber” pistles. maybe not, but there is some change going on. i’ve cut back my watering, although to my eyes the plants don’t look as green and lush as they did. but there is definitely something happening and i’d like your thoughts on this picture. as always thanks for letting me benefit from your expertise. best regards to all.


You are a ways out. Weeks. Too much white.

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This GSCE Auto is in its 8th week since pistols showed up. My trichs are still clear/cloudy no amber except on the sugar leaves. I’d think your still looking at 3-4 wks minimum. You need all your pistols to get dark and start to recede still.


Yes, at least 4 weeks.

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thanks all. appreciate your time.

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Depending on The Strain you’re looking at 2 to 4 months of flowering. When you get close to the end of the Flowering cycle, pull out your jeweler’s loop and watch the tricombs. They will go from clear, to slightly milky, to milky, to Amber. 20%-30% Amber is my target zone. Just water or flush Soil. Then no water let the pot dry out. 2 days of darkness. Cut and hang 7 to 14 days of drying At 50% humidity, 66-72 F, Then 3 to 5 months of curing. Cold and slow my friend cold and slow.

@Kadin1213 thanks for the scheduling advice. i appreciate your input. best regards.

You’re welcome, happy growing my friend.

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i know i keep pestering you all for guidance, but i feel particularly lost at this late stage of the process on this grow. This picture was taken this morning with my iPhone, and i’m thinking that i have about a month or 5 weeks to go. i’m basing this on being in 12/12 for about 6 weeks now. If any of you could take a quick peak and give me your thoughts i’d appreciate it very much. best regards and thanks to all.


Pic of whole plant? And that thing looks ready to my eyes. Cant see trichs but not a white pistil on it. Better eyes will be here soon. Some plants mature fast.

@jdouglas36542 all of your pistols have already turned so you likely have less than the 4-5 wks you mentioned. Are you using a s ope or a loop? I’d love to see your trichs now. Looks really nice! :+1:t2::green_heart:

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Pretty loaded with trichomes. I could see amber ones on the sugar leaves. You may have 4 weeks left but doubt that. :+1:

A whole picture of the plant will help a lot.

Yes, need a whole plant pic, but with no white pistils you’re zooming in on it.

here are some more random shots of plant and a couple of bud clusters. here comes a stupid question i guess…are the pistols the long growths out of the buds or the hair like shorter growths?

if it’s the longer then i’m more amber than white at this point. if it’s the shorter the furry growth is almost completely white looking through my fresh new loupe. (which i don’t exactly know how to use either)


Definitely looks less than a month to me also, maybe st most two weeks? Just going by what I’ve seen and read on here though :clap:t2::sunglasses:

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posted some more pictures for review. thanks.


They still have a little to go. Should fatten some. You are close!

I’d estimate a couple more weeks. The pistils are the little white hair looking things. When those mostly turn brown is when most people start looking closely at the trichomes. And you have to look at the trichomes on the buds, not the leaves.

I still stand by what I said. Getting close. I would take off all the damaged leaves now so the plant don’t waste energy on damaged leaves. This will allow the plant to focus all her energy on the flowers.

If that was my grow I would harvest as soon as a few trikes started turning amber at all in the buds. Some folks like a good mix of white and amber trikes. And others heavy amber. I want them all complete white and just a few turning then harvest. So for me I would be on watch for early amber. Could be a day or a week…