How long before Auto pots


Hi guys just potted my ladies up yesterday when roughly will I be abt put them on Autos and when will they need to go under there own lights I’m hoping to have 4 under ther own 600 watt mh but I’m just squeezing them all under one atm save on leccy abit


I’m not understanding the first part of your question. “When roughly will I Be able to put them on autos”
The second part I think they are big enough where You can put them under the 600 mh if you want. Just keep it up pretty high say around 24”-30” and see how they react. If they do well lower the light down gradually.


@Jmesser80 Sorry lol like when roughly will they be able to drink from ther own pots so I don’t have to hand water them and yer they doing fine under the 600 watt just wounder when best to put my other 4 under the other light thanks


Since you are growing in a soil / soiless medium you will have to water them throughout the entire grow. (Unless I’m misunderstanding you)


I would like to add though your Plants look great. Look very healthy and off to a great start :+1:


Hey so your roots will need to be long enough to “bottom feed” because autopots water from the bottom and make the roots “search” out the water…

I bet you don’t have long till you go auto…

@Screwauger uses them and will have a better answer




@TDubWilly thanks they are 17 days from seed wer in 10cm pots before hand :ok_hand:


Ya hey wait on @Screwauger before you decide to go auto, I have never used them before and am only guessing about how deep I think your roots should be at this point when I say I think your almost ready

An experienced auto pot user can give you better advice


@TDubWilly @Lukey91

Autopots estimates 21 days. The MJ growers consider the largest “first true leaves” to reach the sides of the pot
like this or slightly bigger, then start your res and watch closely for a day or two to make sure they are taking nutes (res level drops)


@Screwauger Thanks agen very helpful :wink::metal:


Ok I see now what you were referring to with the auto pots. Lol easygoing confused in my old age.
I’ve never used the auto pots so I won’t Ben much help with those