How long are nutrients good for after mixing?

I’m wondering if I add my FF to my water system how long is it good for ? …14 gallon … 2 air Stones…
Vortex pump…

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Variables… Check it often you’ll know when it goes bad. Then you know how long your setup lasts.
Air stones are a bad idea they introduce oxygen and grow bacteria a better option is a pump.

Ok , well it has a pump , but it’s a 50/50 on the air Stones… everything I have seen has them set up , or the vortex…
I put both together…

I run autopots
My reservoirs stay filled for 8-14 days
The designer I have spoke with personally and autopots instructions state do not use air stones in reservoirs add pumps.
This is because air stones add air which feeds bacteria and increases growth causing alge and other issues.

Sooo that’s from a guy who designed a hydroponic system that has huge reservoirs, and their systems are now used all over the world.
Little bit better info then a couple random opinions on forums but do your research.

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