How long after the vegging stage do i turn O.G to the flowering stage?

Looking to buy OG. Not sure how long after the vegging stage (or how big the plant is) i change the lighting for flowering.

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If you mean OG Kush i cracked one on 3/3, today it’s a foot tall with six or seven nodes

when you start to flower it is really up to you, I may start in 2 weeks or I’m thinking of topping it, taking clones and bushing it out for maybe another month
-good luck

Edit: I cracked the seed on 3/8, not 3/3


I love Kush , all 3 I growed was by far the best bud is miked ever .

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Well I just did a harvest of 3 OG Krush. I got a say that I agree with Mr. @Paranorman
Its really as he said. Its totally up to you… I let them strich for two or Three weeks then I’ll flip to 12/12

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