How long after seedling comes through do I see significant growth?

A question from a fellow grower:

How long after the seedling comes through the soil do I see significant growth? Some came through about 5 days ago but they aren’t really changing. I am leaving them under a 100 watt bulb 24/7. Also have a heated germination pad under the container they are in.
What do I do now? ?? Am I just being impatient? ?

You are just being impatient the top follows the bottom follows the top. So if the top is to grow the roots need to grow, also concider adding a dark cycle 6hrs of dark plants have both dark and light processes roots will grow with light but many think they grow better in dark. Also what kind of bulb cfl daylight? Don’t feed until after fourth true set of leaves then only 1/4-1/2 of recommended. also if you are using CFL keep it close 4" or so.

Hope this helps all good things come to those who wait