How long after a germinated seed goes into soil should it take to see a sprout?

Hello everyone,
I was able to get 3 out of 5 feminized seed to germinate with tiny white tails. I immediately placed them in a good potting soil that I use for tomatoes and they are under ‘light’.
The other 2 seeds have been removed from water and placed in the moist paper towel method in hope of further germination. They may just have to go into soil themselves soon. Any feedback would be appreciated.
My main query is: how long after putting a seed with a tail into soil can I expect to see a sprout? I am sure there is no definitive answer here. Just looking for a ball-park figure. The aforementioned seeds are in 3”x3” cubes with moist potting soil under both fluorescent and LED grow bulbs.

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More then likely they will sprout if they have a tail but I’ve had one not

2-3 days…sometime double that

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They should stick their heads up in a day or two.


I find it better and more productive (for me) to soak until a visible tail is formed and then move into soil. However; I use distilled water and peroxide only and move right into media when I see the seed germinate.

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They have been in soil for 5 days now.
No sign of sprouting.


They have been in soil for 5 days now and no signs yet.

I’m not giving up on them.

Scratch that-
Just checked on the germinated seeds again today.
I first one in the soil had poked its lovely head out.
Hopefully, the others will follow in suit.
Thanks for all the kind feedback.


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I am still in absolute shock.
I have no idea whatsoever with regards to anything offensive I may have said.
If my post of ‘the seedling poked its lovely head out” is what you are referring to- then simply omit me from your site. You are the ones with the sick/judgemental minds. I never even considered that to be offensive.
There was nothing sexist/racist/humanoid regarding my post.
I have read several posts of people referring to their plants as ‘lovely ladies’. How is my post more offensive?
I am deeply offended and perhaps you people are what is wrong with things.
If this is how you work- I want nothing to do with your so-called forum.

Where/when did I share/post any personal information?
I’m at a loss regarding what anyone is talking about.

Sorry to all.
My mistake. I had my email responses automatically set up with my name and phone number. I never intended to break any forum rules.

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Shit happens buddy. No harm no foul

I think I have done the same thing. I’m trying to catch up on all this new technology. Good Luck with your grow.

Thanks for the support.

Yeah shit happens and don’t think it was anything more than a heads up type of reminder.

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Thanks. I agree.

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What is mixture of distilled and peroxide? Please

3 tsp per gallon

Thank You

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