How keep CO2 in my grow tent! NOOBY :)

Hi, I have a 3’3’6’ tent with a intake fan and exhaust fan. I have a CO2 generator bottle and I think the CO2 it going threw the exhaust.

Can someone give me some advised on how to keep it in the tent.

thanks. :slight_smile:

At floor level below plants. Place on opposite side of Exhaust which should be at top of your tent, then the CO2 which is heavier than air will flow out spreading around on the floor and the Exhaust will pull it up and thru your plants for them to absorb the CO2 as it travels upwards towards your exhaust.

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And don’t crank your exhaust so high it depleats the dose too quick.

Chances are your light levels aren’t high enough to justify the use of additional co2, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Otherwise you’d pretty much have to run a sealed room or be able to generate a butt load of co2.

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You can put your exhaust on a timer to come on and off periodically so to exchange air every 30 min or so and only keep it on for a few min. But I agree with @dbrn32 most areas have adiquit co2 for what we do, I have seen people say it makes a huge difference in little grow rooms or closets but honestly as pointed out you have to have some major lighting just to get the plants to use the co2 thats in the ambient air


Am I missing something here? The size of the tent is 3 foot 6 inches? Running CO2?

Sorry 3 foot x 6 foot.