How it is possible?

This is the white widow auto 2 week old.How it is possible?


Where is white widow auto 2 wks old?

This flowering?

Was she stressed in any way? Could be genetics. Seems strange though. Wait till some of the experts weight in.

Very odd for an auto to flower so soon it usually requires time or a major stress to make them trigger so early?

That is odd and I will find out what made it do that


Some Auto flowering plants will start flowering sooner then others… it all about genetics no worries she will be small but will take off.

One of my blueberry autos did this.
I got sick and forgot to turn on my lights and she flowered over nite

I called her midget berry she produced a tiny harvest like a 1/4 oz. but they were potent purple super tastey lil popcorn buds