How is your grow so far? July 29th, 2018


It’s so hard to find those worms. I have tried to be vigilant but can’t be certain I’ve been as thorough as I need to be. I am spraying bt on a semi-regular basis but would like to stop a few weeks before harvest, just because the stuff stinks. :slight_smile:


Last year I experimented with one small plant that had caterpillars by using neem oil spray. The caterpillars laughed at me after spraying, didn’t really do anything. And after drying plant, the neem stayed and it was unsmokable. It’s better to just search everyday till harvest. After hanging harvest branches upside down they leave. No water. The poop from the caterpillars is callled “frass” and isn’t harmful if smoked, it’s just recycled bud. Not that I go looking for it. I remove all traces to prevent rot. Last year I picked off at least twenty. Anyone else dealing with this dilemma? Bueller. Bueller…


The problem with neem oil is that it has polar and non polar molecules in it. So water won’t wash everything off. bT is water soluble and so a peroxide wash will remove any remnants of it. I believe it’s a safer choice for residuals but generally agree that nobody wants any residuals in their bud.

I had two small spots of bud rot last year that in hindsight were probably caused by worms. But I didn’t spray or hand pick anything. It was my first grow and I just let 'er rip.


Pink lady flower


By the way, this little blurb you threw out had me learning that song on guitar last night…


That’s so cool :sunglasses: They are the growers honorary band.


Damage done since morning sun came out. It seems to draw them out to eat buds four so far.


Gave you a like for the informative value. Not because I like those sobs eating your buds. :wink:


I’m in awe of so many of these pictures. This is my first year growing, although I’ve gardened for years. I’ve just got my two girls. Sunset sherbet and obama kush. I’m pretty happy with how I’ve done so far.


They look marvelous.Nice and green, even in the flower stage. Good work.


Is that Obama Kush from Kenya? :joy::rofl:


Just wanted to share how I’ve been dealing with the caterpillar menace this year. My crop got pretty messed up last year, so i’ve used a very light fabric called tulle to protect the plants from them dang moths and butterflies. It offers very little shade indeed and all 3 of my plants are doing nicely. No caterpillars at all…

Skywalker OG btw

How to Hunt Caterpillars/Worms?

Yes, that’s what’s needed, next year I’m building a square frame with a ten foot heighth and covering the whole thing in the smallest micron net I can find. That’ll keep those bastiges out. Thanks :pray: for the input, great idea.


All growers should check this master growers you tube channel.
Amazing. Utterly frickin amazing. This is what I wanna do!


Thanks for the tip on keeping those damn budworms off our OD plants! I will definitely be looking into to getting this set up on my plants. I noticed 3 of those SOB’s on my plants this morning :angry:


I’m at twelve caterpillars so far, and I know more are in the ladies. I’m inspecting and removing older leaves. The places I’ve found larvae nests are on the leaves kinda sandwiched between the top and bottom of two leaves. So maybe that will help. Also it helps by searching to notice irregular buds. The frass or poop left behind causes bud rot so you have to find all that and remove.


Hi… everyone wanted to show you some pic see what ya’ll think … this is Colorado



Smells sweet now
Yay Colorado