How is your grow so far? July 29th, 2018


Thanks. I’m excited to smoke the White Widow. Soon enough.


The third pic is White Widow too. I think the first two are Gold Leaf. Festooned with ashes like the rest of us.


I have white ash specks, looks like mites, but it isn’t. Yay! The neem oil spray has worked. Plants look good there!


Glad to hear it! Here in N Cal, they are indeed ashes!


Indeed they are here as well. Hopefully you’re out of harm’s way.


Twelve days later flowering. Yay!


Glorious bushy beasts!


Twenty three days later.

All three flowering
Little one is looking a lot different. All should be White Widow.
Small one was runt of litter of seeds, all greenish white and smaller. Took forever to sprout. But now a rich sturdy plant. Wow.


Top of small lady budding, one larger budding, and all three a month later.
I love the flowering time. So sweet smelling and fresh. Vigilant moth and caterpillar hunter from now on.


those girlies are dope AF! (and I dont mean autoflower)


Most of mine have yellowed and lost lower leaves. Are you continuing to give yours nitrogen in their feedings? They look awesome.


All I’ve used for over 20 years is General Hydroponics Flora series. Micro, gro and bloom. Originally it was indoor DWC and ebb and flow systems. When outside I just kept the same formula on the bottle. Sort of their guidelines. I did continue to use the aggressive grow solution through the first two weeks of flower. Now I still add a teaspoon of the green gro per gallon. Some leaves naturally turn yellow and I remove them. Spraying neem oil throughout vegetative stage helped keep insects that harm the plants really helps. Geesh, I wrote a short story, last years crop is still getting me smashed.


In honor of Aretha Franklin. A pink flowering lady.


I love the smell of marijuana flowers blooming in the morning.


September ninth drone views.

:notes: “Wake me when September ends.” :notes:


Anyone stopped nutes yet?


two weeks ago


Day 88 since sprout, day 34 since first pistils

with a bit of pink showing up and smelling like a bowl of fruity pebbles.


The 21st of Sept. I’ll begin a two week flush then. Started molasses as well. Found the first caterpillar, the bastige. They say if you find one, you have at least five more. And so on. Covered with netting to help with branch droop (heavy colas) image|666x500