How is the yield of autoflower vs normal?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

How is the yield of autoflower vs normal? If autoflower is only 4 oz per harvest times 2 and regular plant averages 16, aren’t you still cutting yourself short or are the autoflower yielding more than that for most strains? What is average seed to harvest time for autoflower?


There are too many factors honestly, to make that comparison. Grower skills, grow meduim chosen, lighting quality, nutrient regime, pest, environment, disease…all these and more factor into your harvest.

I am not that experienced, I’ve grown a bunch of photo plants and three auto’s. I yielded close to 9 ounces from each of two blueberry auto’s and about 7.5 ounces from another green crack auto. This was comparable to the harvest I got from growing photos.

Average time from seed to harvest for me was about 95 days. From three auto’s I harvested over 20 ounces of smokable nugs. I was skeptical of auto’s but not any more!!


There are some high yielding autos out now. Fast Buds makes some pretty amazing high yielding autos. But yes it’s generally understood that autoflowers will produce less that photoperiod plants. There are a lot of factors that come in to play like @Screwauger said.


I grow Ilgm autos indoor first time(absolutely first time) and 3 oz per plant. I have automix pack. Amnesia, BB, Northern Light.
It’s all about lights, nutes, training methods, growing medium, caring etc… Like fellows said up there.
Right now I try outdoor and first results almost all ilgm auto seeds we see couple of months. But plants thriving. I don’t ever grow others seedbanks autos/seeds. I can’t compare them.
Seed to harvest. If your light is powerful it’s 80 days in soil. Never grow other medium. You must wait longer if you want couch lock,cbd bomb.
But what I know.

You must be the best grower if you squeeze a
9 oz to auto plant, I have to ask whats your secret? Can you give me journal to this grow.

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Here ya go @beginner2d

Grow Totals to date 3/10/18

Green Crack Auto>>>>>>>> 8.6 ounces
B.Berry Auto1>>>>>>>>>>> 6.9 ounces
B.Berry Auto2>>>>>>>>>>> 9.6 ounces

Total>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 25.1 ounces (not counting trim and popcorn)




I’m look @that monster auto grow right now

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Not to be cocky, but I think two things played into that harvest.

  1. Autopots
  2. Altered Nutrient Schedule (I push grow nutes through week 6 at least, then transition to bloom nutes)



I pulled close to an lb off the last one I grew


One plant? Ilgm seeds? @HornHead

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Yessir ilgm white widow auto. Grew for 6 months though


Haha OK. How?

Topped and lst

How can you veg so long auto?

1 lbs That’s impressive @HornHead
Did you grow it indoors ? Pictures?
@Hogmaster would be happy to here this he loves his autos lol
I grow them but still perfer photos
I have 6 wwa going right now though lmfao
Happy growing folks :v: CB


Pics are in grow journal. Here I go again

Then tag me into it lol @HornHead

I finally finished harvesting an ILGM Blueberry Auto and got 8.97oz off of it.

Grown using DWC.


Just so happens I downloaded a pic of his plant. Here is @HornHead’s beast.


Thanks @Bogleg for some reason I never keep pics of my grow on my phone. I need to get a sd card and start storing them on there